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Our principles

We focus on getting results
We are powerful – transactionally oriented. We're not consultants. Our specialization is the sale and purchase of companies with optimal results.

We are independent and self-reliant
We do not belong to any large financial group, professional services network or any bank. We do not work with state or publicly-owned companies.

We are professionals, always ready to assist you
We have a thorough knowledge of the matter. It is our comprehensive understanding of this field and positive approach that have earned us such a good reputation among our clients.

We are loyal and maintain confidentiality
Our business relations are built on mutual trust and strict confidentiality. We strive for the success of our clients, continuous cooperation and for our good name.

We are experts
in M&A

We will provide you with complete services relating to mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance projects in any business sector.

We work with renowned

We cooperate with experienced lawyers, auditors and tax advisors, which allows us to provide you with top quality and professional services.

We understand the Czech
and Slovak markets

We specialize mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We also have know-how and experience from working on international projects.

We work

We are connected to many foreign consulting firms. From their sources we draw information, contacts and experience for successful resolution of global transactions.



Who we are

We are results-oriented M&A experts. We provide a full range of services for mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance projects. We have been in operation since 2004. We are a small yet reliable team with the right dynamics and a wealth of good experience. Since being incorporated, CN Finance has successfully completed tens of complex and demanding projects.

Pavel Capouch

Has been advising companies on corporate finance, mergers and acquisition and capital markets for 25 years.
Head of the Research Department for a member and shareholder PSE.
Project manager in two companies focused on M&A.
In 2004, he co-founded the CN Finance group.
Specialized mainly on IT, FMCG goods, retail, wholesale, media and industry.

Transactional highlights:

  • Sale of an international IT company with branches in five countries on three continents;
  • Sale of several mid-size and large Czech IT companies;
  • Sale of the specialized retail leader on the Czech and Slovak market;
  • Acquisition of the largest Czech music TV channel;
  • Sale of the largest Czech publishing house of non-fiction literature;
  • Acquisition of several major Internet projects in the Czech Republic;
  • Acquisition of a part of a major Czech dairy producer (cheese production).



Tomas Navratil

Has been advising companies on corporate finance, mergers and acquisition and capital markets for 20 years.
Financial Analyst and Portfolio Manager in two major brokerage companies.
Worked in the field of sales and acquisition of companies since 1999.
Project manager in two companies specializing in M&A.
In 2004 Spoluzakládá the CN Finance group.
Specialized mainly in facility management, IT, retail, wholesale and distribution sectors.

Transactional highlights:

  • Assistance with expansion of a global leader in facility management to the Czech and Slovak markets by means of several acquisitions, including the acquisition of the largest Czech facility management company;
  • Sale of one of the largest Czech cleaning service companies to a foreign investor;
  • Acquisition of other cleaning and facility management companies in Central Europe;
  • Sale of a system integrator and software developer to a major Scandinavian IT company;
  • Sale of several mid-size wholesale and retail companies;
  • Sale of specialized e-shops;
  • Financing for real estate projects;
  • Financial restructuring of two retail groups of companies.


How We work

Sale of a company

We provide comprehensive sales services, from preparing the entity for a strategic or financial investor, identifying an investor and making the first contact, through the stages of negotiations, and up to assisting with the integration into the investor’s organizational structures. We render these services primarily to Czech and Slovak companies’ shareholders who are looking to capitalize on the efforts that they have taken in building up the company by selling their shares in the company. We will broker not only the sale of a whole company, but also its parts – divisions and other organizational units. The project will be made to measure for the client, taking into account the situation, as well as individual needs and preferences.
Sale of a company - How it works

Risk identification
Together with the owners, we identify any potential risks that may limit the likelihood of the successful completion of the transaction, as well as risks that may have a negative impact on the price of the transaction, or its structure. At the same time, we work on minimizing or completely eliminating the risks.

Information documentation and contacting investors
We prepare documentation for approaching the investors. We make a list of potential buyers and check their interest in the acquisition. As a rule, we contact directly the owners or the managers responsible for mergers, acquisitions or for the expansion of a potential buyer.

Negotiations with investors
We negotiate with the investors to ensure the highest possible price of the transaction and to minimize any risks that the transaction may entail.

Transaction documentation
We work with lawyers in the preparation and negotiation of the entire contractual documentation.

Post-transaction processes
Once the transaction is completed, we assist the client with the integration of the entity into the structures of the investor and with introducing new processes that the investor uses in practice.

Acquisition of a company

We provide comprehensive acquisition services, from identifying a suitable acquisition target, through contacting its shareholders, negotiating, ensuring financing, to assisting with the integration into the client’s organizational structures. We render these services primarily to Czech and Slovak companies that are looking to expand by means of acquisition of its competitors or companies dealing in any related business. We also provide these services to international entities that wish to enter the Czech or Slovak markets or strengthen their position by acquiring a local company.
Acquisition of a company - How it works
Identification of a suitable target
We identify companies that suit the client’s acquisition criteria.

Contacting the owners
We find the interest of the owners of selected entities for sale of either the whole company,
Or part of our client.

We always lead them in order to provide our clients with the best possible price, its optimal structure and minimize potential risks. We coordinate or directly participate in the due diligence process in the acquisition target.

Transaction documentation
We participate together with lawyers in the preparation and negotiation of contractual documentation.

Post-transaction processes
We help the client in the Postakviziční phase with the integration of the purchased entity into its structures and with the introduction of processes that it uses by default.

Use our network of international contacts

Pairing up with foreign advisors gives us access to a large network of contacts and to know-how acquired on a long-term basis by the leading experts in corporate finance and international transactions. It helps us efficiently approach investors or acquisition targets in the relevant countries.

This allows us to reliably conduct international transactions in most important regions of the world.

Contact and billing details

We are ready to meet with you and discuss everything that we can do for you.

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